The reference price for our services and entertainments:

Service / entertainment Price
Hall rental (up to 40 people) 7,24 – 10,13 EUR for a person
Bed 10,13 EUR for a person
Bathhouse with a small hall (up to 14 people) 144,76 EUR
Japanese bathhouse 86,86 EUR
Bathhouse attendant service Agreed price
Brooms (birch, eucalyptus) 2,03 – 5,79 EUR
Wood 4,34 EUR (for one heating of a bathhouse)
Permission for fishing 2,03 EUR+ payment for the amount of fish
Boat 2,03 EUR /hour
Floating cottage 14,48 EUR/hour 72,38 EUR/a day
Festive dinner Agreed price
Educational programs Agreed price