About us


We are happy that you decided to get acquainted with us. Moreover, we are even delighted. Due to this excitement we can forget to tell you something, but we will do our best.

Get ready. We are going to present you a nice and touching text containing both a lot of oratory and some truth. However, there will be some truth in this telling, too.

Based on the good market specialist tactics, we should now make every effort to impress you with our telling about our boundless talents, courageous hikes and features specific to only a small percentage of humanity, i.e. exceptionally for us

So, let‘s begin. We are cool, fresh, brave, agile and strong, and of course, we are the experts of our craft, real professionals, who can help you in every possible way.

Stop. You have forgotten that, as well we are responsible, friendly, sensitive, honest and tactful. If it is required we are sporty, interested in fashion, raw food, yoga, healthy lifestyle and, certainly we are the ones, who know the best your expectations, which might still be mysterious for you yourself, but we already know them.

Did you believe?

We did not.

In fact we are like you: sleepy in the morning, have strong dependence on coffee, sometimes we are happy, sometimes cheerful, but sometimes sad, lazy or even annoyed.

Whoah, what will you think about us now? We should not have written all this.

Moreover, if the temperature goes down below zero we can get ill.

So, we are just the way you are. Sometimes we get confused when somebody praises us, sometimes our cheeks go red, sometimes we are excited and worried – how unprofessional! Additionally, we cannot remember all the names of the homestead guests – how tactless. However, we do remember the celebration mood, weather and, as well what experience these people brought us.

In general we are lucky to communicate with people experiencing the happiest moments of their life, who have celebrations or victories, who are happy and are dressed up.
We are learning from people, whose witnesses of joy we become: women teach us how to look charmingly, men – gallantry, children – spontaneity and sincerity.

We are extremely grateful for all this to our former, present and future homestead guests: beautiful brides, elegant grooms, mature anniversaries, funny mates and for all the other people, who inspire us to create a place, where families, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandchildren, students, businessmen and friends, all who enjoy staying here. So, we hope, you will enjoy your stay here, too.

We are not the park of adventures with dozens of entertainments. We neither have hanging gardens nor pyramids. In addition, we do not even have the copy of Mona Lisa‘s painting, nor even the fixings. We do not offer a life coach’s services, who would harmonize your personality. We do not have a little horse with shiny mane. Here are no advertising campaigns tempting you to come here. We do not even offer the discount cards.

We confess that we have nothing especial to offer, except the opportunity to stay together, without participating in the shoddy activities, of which your daily life is full itself.